IIM Indore gets a new sound garden, Anunaad

IIM Indore gets a new sound garden, Anunaad

Spread over an area of 12,000 sq ft, the sound garden was inaugurated on the World Music Day at the IIM Indore campus

As an initiative to improve one’s mental, physical, and spiritual health, the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, inaugurated a sound garden called “Anunaad”. The garden was inaugurated by the IIM Indore, director Prof. Himanshu Rai on the occasion of World Music day.

The sound of silence

Music can relax the mind, energize the body, and help people manage pain better. Multiple studies have shown how music has reduced stress and increased the release of happy hormones. IIM Indore took the initiative to give their faculty members and students a better way of meditating or relaxing, surrounded by nature’s sound and beauty.

Sound and music help keep our minds at peace and relieve stress. Our spiritual journey is dependent on three factors – courage, the ability to self-reflect, and being content.

IIM Indore, director Prof. Himanshu Rai

Spread over an area of 12,000 sq ft, the sound garden is covered with around 5000 plants that include different types of roses, night queen and jasmine and natural greenery. As per the reports, the garden is designed in a way that it amplifies the sound of nature, adding to this, special wind chimes, provided by the SVARAM Institute of Musical Instruments and Research Centre Auroville are also equipped in the garden, making it an ideal place for you to find your inner self.

Moreover, “Anunaad” was inaugurated as an ode to music on World Music Day. In the last few years, the institute has converted a lot of empty spaces into gardens like the Spiritual Garden, Zen Garden, Organic Garden, and Sanjeevani – the Horticulture Cell. With an aim to make the campus green and ensure a healthy environment, the institute looks forward to taking more such initiatives.

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