Indore to host state's first Auto Expo from April 28-30; over 500 companies to participate

Indore to host state's first Auto Expo from April 28-30; over 500 companies to participate

Supercar to run on the high-speed track at National Automotive Test Track (NATRAX)

Indore will be hosting Madhya Pradesh's first auto expo from April 28 to 30 to promote growth in the auto sector in Indore and nearby areas post COVID. The auto expo is being organised by Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (MPIDC). The location for the event has been decided to be on the super corridor. One of the events will take place in Pithampur’s National Automotive Test Track (NATRAX).

500 companies to be a part of the auto expo

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According to MPSIDC’s Executive Director Rohan Saxena, this is the first time that an auto expo is being organised on such a big scale in the state. Representatives from about 500 companies will be setting up stalls at the expo and displaying their projects. Saxena further shared that they expect a good number of e-vehicle companies to participate so that they can be called to set up manufacturing plants in the developing Indore-Pithampur industrial areas.

Additionally, the authorities also plan to launch its new EV policy at the Auto Expo 2022. The policy has been framed with suggestions from various stakeholders of the automobile sector. Apart from ensuring consumer attraction, the department has also drafted a policy to create a conducive ecosystem for the growth of the automobile industry in MP. In line with such development, recently, a battery swapping facility was started in Indore.

Supercar performance to be showcased on highspeed track

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NATRAX will be the location for a day-long event where various facilities will be showcased including a world-class testing track. Supercars will also be presented on the highspeed tracks. There are a total of 14 testing tracks, 5 labs and 7 buildings at NATRAX, that will be used for various events like off-roading, go-karting, etc.

There are a total of 15 national and international automobile manufacturing companies in Indore and adjacent industrial areas. There are also over 100 auto parts manufacturing companies. Now MPSIDC’s target is to get more and more e-vehicle companies to set up here. Nearly ₹10,000 crores will be invested for the same in the coming five years.

The event aimed at boosting the state's auto industry and kickstarting the EV infrastructure development in the city. In an attempt to do the same, the authorities also plan to launch a Centre for Excellence for Electric Vehicle (EV). The move will cater to the needs of developing efficient EV technology with the help of a technology exchange programme and other initiatives.

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