Somanipuram Adventure Park in Indore is giving wings to our dauntless spirits

Somanipuram Adventure Park in Indore is giving wings to our dauntless spirits

The spirit of adventure lies within each of us somewhere deep down. Giving you unparalleled thrills, experiences and stories to tell, an adventure is more than just a journey. If you're looking for something exciting to do in Indore, then you should head over to Somanipuram Adventure Park.

Somanipuram Adventure Park is quite a happening tourist hub considering the number of activities you can partake in here. The park offers you a range of exciting activities to try your hand at and get the thrills on.

What's special about Somanipuram Adventure Park?

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Simply the fact that you can channel your inner thrill lover here at the park is reason enough to visit it as soon as you can. The park offers a sprawling picnic area which is just perfect for spending quality time with family and friends. While you're here, you can also try your hand at several adventure sports.

Rock climbing, river crossing, ziplining and crossing the bermuda bridge are just some of the activities that will get your heart pounding. Apart from just that, there are many activities for the family to enjoy as one.

You can head over and lose your balance in the zorb ball, ride an ATV across harsh terrain and have a new experience at the human gyro ride. Additionally, some paintball action should keep the kids entertained. This is one place that promises wholesome fun for all the family.

What else can you do here?

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If you're planning something like a weekend getaway, then these guys have got you covered too. They offer cozy and comfy accomodation options for those of you who don't want the dose of adventure to stop.

Knock Knock

For a fun filled trip with friends and family, this is your all inclusive stop that offers you pretty much everything for a great break. The best part is that it's not all that far from the city, so you just have to plan a weekend here.

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