Exotic Macaw Parrot found abandoned in Indore given new home at city zoo

Exotic Macaw Parrot found abandoned in Indore given new home at city zoo

The local administration has rescued the Macaw and shifted the bird to Indore zoo

An exotic macaw parrot was recently found in an abandoned state in Indore. The beautiful creature quickly became the centre of attraction as many people came forward to claim ownership. However, as the issue escalated, local police and forest department authorities took the matter into their hands and rescued the bird. It has, for now, been transferred to the Indore Zoo, where the it will be taken care of.

Considering the exotic nature of this bird, it cannot be released into the wild, due to threat from other local animals and predatory birds.

A new macaw parrot at Indore Zoo

The scarlet macaw is basically a large red, yellow, and blue parrot from Central and South American regions, and is a member of a large group of Neotropical parrots called macaws. As per the authorities at Indore's Kamla Nehru Zoo, the parrot was proposedly kept as a pet, but flew off from the house of the owner. They further claimed that the macaw is under stress as many on lookers tried to cage it.

So far, several people have come forth to claim the bird's ownership. Reportedly, authorities will hand over the parrot to any person who produces legitimate documents certifing the bird’s ownership. Until then, the bird will be safely relocated within the zoo environment.

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