Feel like the hills are calling? Plan a weekend trip to Pachmarhi from Indore

Feel like the hills are calling? Plan a weekend trip to Pachmarhi from Indore

Never thought of having a hilly get-away just some hours away from Indore? Check out this 2-day travel plan to Pachmarhi.

Indore has been in the clutches of a heatwave for days. It is only now that the fast blowing wind has brought down the temperature by some degrees. Making this the perfect time to get away from the grit of the city and seek refuge in the hills.

Pachmarhi is a hill station you can reach from Indore in just a matter of hours. The weather here is always pleasant. You can visit here any time of the year and find the days comfortably warm to step out and do some sightseeing. And like every other hill station, the nights here get cold enough to give you the chills.

Also known as ‘Satpura ki Rani’, Pachmarhi is a dainty hill station that sits beautifully in the middle of the Satpura range. It only takes about 8 hours to reach Pachmarhi from Indore via road.

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You can make the most of the trip if you leave Friday night. Alternatively, you can take a train to Pipariya, the nearest railway station from Pachmarhi. Stays in Madhya Pradesh have become a great place to make your trip luxurious, comfortable and safe. Pachmarhi house, plenty of MPT properties that you can choose. One of the most pleasant property owned by MP Tourism would be MPT Amaltas. Situated at the outskirts, the place offers a serene experience.

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2-day travel plan to Pachmarhi

You can comfortably cover all the places there are to visit in Pachmarhi in just two days, a plan that perfectly fits your weekend. You can either rent a vehicle or drive around on your own since all of the spots you need to cover aren’t very far from each other. The list below will help you figure out how to go about it.

Starting with your Day 1 at Pachmarhi

Pandav Caves

Possibly the most popular place in Pachmarhi, Pandav Caves or Shri Panch Pandav Caves, served as the Pandavas’ humble abode during their exile. It is likely that this is where Pachmarhi gets its name since ‘panch’ here means five and ‘marhi’ is a word for caves. The caves are located in the centre of town which gives the location appropriate road connectivity.

Tourists are allowed to step into the caves but pictures can only be clicked from the outside. These hilltop caves were carved thousands of years back and overlook a beautiful garden.

Jata Shankar Caves

The rock formations here resemble the deity’s matted hair, hence the name Jata Shankar. Only 20 minutes away from the Pandav Caves, this makes the appropriate second stop on this weekend trip to Pachmarhi.

The main cave in this complex houses a naturally formed Shivling and a 100 headed snake or Sheshnag, Legend says that this is where Lord Shiva concealed himself from the demon Bhasmasura.

Rajendra Giri


One of the many beautiful sunset points in this hilly paradise, Rajendra Giri is located 10 minutes away from the Pandav caves. The place is a hilltop botanical garden that overlooks several other peaks of the Satpura range. Given that it’s a botanical garden, the place is full of colourful flora. The colours of the various flowers in this garden pop beautifully during the sunset.

Handi Khoh

Another popular site to visit in Pachmarhi is Handi Khoh. As the name suggests, the ravine is shaped like a pot. The place is located in the middle of the lush green meadow of forest. The 300 ft ravine is a sight to behold! It is said that if you drop a stone into it, you can hear it impacting the ground only after a few seconds.


Dhupgarh is known to be the highest point in the Satpura range standing at a height of 4,429 ft. The winding roads to Dhupgarh leave you longing for the sunset that awaits you on top. The sun takes a magnificent dip into the beautiful Satpura hills and leaves you unable to avert your gaze. One can also plan a trek to the peak, as it just take 3-4 hours to complete the trek.

Sunset at Dhupgarh also gives you the chance to click many golden-hour pictures for your social media.

The locations that have been mentioned so far will take up the first day. After a long day of sightseeing, you would want a place to rest, and nothing can be better than the resorts owned by MP Tourism.

Starting with your Day 2 at Pachmarhi

Apsara Vihar

A fairyland indeed, Apsara Vihar sits cosy in the middle of the hills and the lush forest. In order to get there, you can hire a gypsy from town. From the vehicle drop point, you have to take a 0.5 km trek on a fantastic nature trail to reach the Apsara Vihar waterfall. The 30 ft waterfall forms a small pool that you cannot resist dipping your feet into.

Only a little distance away you will also find Panchali falls which is also a breathtaking sight.

Rajat Pratap falls

Only 1 km away from Apsara Vihar falls, Rajat Pratap or Silver falls have a massive height of 351 ft. This fall is known to be the 30th highest waterfall in the country. The vigour of the fall is so tremendous that people are not allowed to stand near the base of it.

You will find this waterfall active all through the year but the beauty of it is limitless during the rains.


A short drive away from Apsara Vihar, Reechgarh can be your stop in Pachmarhi. According to locals, this rocky terrain used to be the home of the bears many many years ago and before that, cavemen. You will be in awe of the rock formations that have taken shape over thousands of years.

Bee Falls

If you have heard about Pachmarhi, there’s no way you haven’t heard about Bee falls. If you are up for an adventure, Bee Falls is the place for you. To reach the falls, you have to climb down at least 400 steps cut out into uneven stone.

The waterfall is about 150 ft high and the water from it collects into a rather small pool that houses many tiny fishes. As soon as you dip your feet in, you can feel the tickle.

Pachmarhi Lake

Located in the heart of the town, the vibe of the lake is extremely calming. You are sure to forget all your worries and stress just by spending some time near this serene lake. The place also offers you a number of adventure sports like banana boat ride and motorboat rides.

The evenings at the Pachmarhi Lake are especially magical with the sun setting in the background. The colours of the sunset reflecting on the water paint a mesmerising picture.

You are sure to miss the nature trail, windy routes, and the uproar of the many many waterfalls on your way back. But you need not worry, as you will be going back with truckloads of amazing memories.

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