5 things to do in Indore if you are in a hurry!

5 things to do in Indore if you are in a hurry!

A filtered list of things to enjoy in Indore, when on a tight schedule.

Living in any part of India, you must have heard about the city of Indore and especially its distinct variety of street food, unmatched hygiene and the warmth in the hearts of people here.

One of the cleanest and the smartest cities in India with lush green parks, opulent palaces, scenic landscapes and of course diverse street food, Indore is one of the most influential cities in Madhya Pradesh.

If you are heading towards the fascinating city of Indore very soon but are on a tight schedule then you need not worry, this list of 5 things to do in Indore will provide you with the absolute essence of the city.

1. Sarafa Bazaar, a foodie's paradise which comes alive post 11 PM

If you take pride in calling yourself a food enthusiast then hop on to a ride and head straight towards the alleys of Sarafa Bazaar. The diverse flavours available in Indore unite at the Sarafa Bazaar during the night hours.

The market is a belt of jewellery shops, by the day but as soon as the shutters of the shops fall down, various street food stalls occupy the streets, filling the alleys with the aroma of freshly cooked snacks. The mesmerizing market is not just a site to witness but is also a combined juncture where almost every street food available in Indore could be found.

2. Take a dive into the city's architectural heritage through the palaces

Whenever you find yourself in any of the historic cities of India, you should never miss out on a heritage walk of the city, after all, historic structures and ancient architecture depict the story of a city in the best possible manner.

The Lalbagh Palace and the Rajwada Palace bear evidence of the rich cultural heritage of the city. The palaces were built by the rulers of the Holker dynasty, one of the most powerful Maratha dynasties of India. The splendid arcades, vivid detailing and fascinating gardens of the palaces make the architecture so influential that the tourists get bedazzled with their magnificence.

3. Give a thrill to your tastebuds through authentic Indori delicacies

Often referred to as the food capital of Madhya Pradesh or even 'Mini Bombay', Indore is a place which can offer you the most bizarre variety of street food, sure to leave you in awe and make you drool.

Ever heard of a combination of Poha along with Jalebi served with spicy missal? Well, the sensational sweet and spicy dish is eaten regularly by the locals as their breakfast. If you think that this combo is enthralling then you are in for a treat, as Indore offers other street food delicacies such as Bhutte ki kees (melt-in-mouth dish made by cooking shredded corn in milk coconut and spices), Garadu (fried yam prepared using spices), Khopra patties (deep fried potato balls, stuffed with grated coconut and spices) and much more.

4. Kothari Market, a one-stop destination to satiate your inner shopaholic

Switch on your bargaining instincts and advance towards the Kothari market, Indore's very own street market. One can literally find anything in the market ranging from clothing, electronics, gadgets, home essentials, groceries, stationery items and a lot more, that too available at absolutely reasonable prices.

5. Witness the party crowd and get engrossed in the nightlife of the city

The buzzy city is not just a place to amuse you during the daytime, but it also has a plethora of bustling pubs, funky rooftops, happening clubs and elegant restaurants surely to make your nights phenomenal when in Indore.

So if you are visiting Indore for the first time, and have very little time in hand then follow these tips for a well-guided tour which will truly sum up your expedition on a euphoric note.

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