K10 Restaurant & Cafe in Indore will soon launch a drive-in-cafe and we're as excited as you are!

K10 Restaurant & Cafe in Indore will soon launch a drive-in-cafe and we're as excited as you are!

Running late, stuck in traffic or just simply craving your favourite meal; all you'll need to do is cruise by!

Indore and its food is one love story we can bet is better than any other classic ever penned! And the K10 Restaurant & Cafe is an all-new protagonist which will make you fall in love with the Indori-zaika all over again. Though this cafe-cum-restaurant at Betma's Dhar Road is fairly popular for its mixed, outdoor-indoor seating and its swoon-worthy food, it will soon be making headlines for launching a drive-in-cafe, very soon! So be it any scenario - running late, stuck in cafe, and simply craving your favourite meal, hunger rumbles won't be able to get the better of you. All you'll have to do is, cruise by-order-and get set diggin'!

Who can say no to a quick & wholesome meal?

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The K10 Restaurant and Cafe is known for offering meals that satiate your appetite, yet leave you wanting for more and more. Be it the plush flavours of a hearty pure vegetarian north indian meal or a sinful serving of fast food preparation, this multi-cuisine restaurant and cafe is one place that you must check-out if you're looking for a cool hangout spot!

The restaurant has a fresh vibe and a comforting ambience which will soon wrap you-in, but hey! if you don't have that kind of time, you'll soon have the option to just race through the new-drive-in cafe, and get any meal of your desire, any time! Your long drives in the city will now have the touch of long-lasting flavours, ones you just can't say no to.

Besides food, this place also has a ground which can host a maximum of 50 people, perfect for a lavish brunch session with your friends and family or a cosy intimate wedding, in the presence of your loved ones! Add in a scenic view and wholesome food in the mix and what you'll get is the perfect day, in the company of great times here!

Location: K-10 Square, NH47, Dhar-Betma Road, Indore

Contact: 9522071010, 9522081010

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