G20 agriculture working group meet in Indore nearing end; Check out key points discussed

G20 agriculture working group meet in Indore nearing end; Check out key points discussed

The meet has witnessed a slew of deliberations on pressing issues related to agriculture.

Indore is playing host to the 3-day G20 Agriculture Working Group meet that kicked off on Feb 13. Discussions and deliberations began after delegates from member countries and international organizations witnessed an exhibition on Day 1 that featured stalls showcasing fisheries, animal husbandry and a range of food products like millets.

Over the course of the meet, delegates partook in conversations and dialogue regarding the future of agriculture.

What points have been discussed at the AWG meet?

The impact of climate change on agriculture and the use of innovative methods to tackle the challenges were among a slew of key points raised on Day 1 of the meet.

Furthermore, experts emphasized the importance of a collaborative effort by countries to enable climate smart agriculture backed by technology that benefits farmers, ensuring sustainable agricultural growth in the years to come.

The bilateral deliberations also focused on possible methods to reduce food wastage. It must be noted that according to a 2022 study by Greenly, approximately one-third of all food produced globally is either lost or wasted. When we contrast this data against global hunger numbers, discussions on reducing food waste at the AWG meeting in Indore become even more vital.

Improving crop management, introducing technology at all levels in agriculture and marketing information systems in agriculture make up the long list of topics that have been discussed thus far at the meet.

What's on the agenda for Day 3? 

The Day 3 of the Agriculture Working Group meet in Indore will see the delegates shift their focus on AWG deliverables. The session on the final day will be a technical one which will see all members from the participating countries and organizations chipping in with their inputs on the issues discussed thus far.

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