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Green Indore: BRTS corridor to replace all diesel-run buses with electric buses

These buses are capable of running for 300 kms on a single full charge.

Indore's Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) corridor will soon introduce electric buses.

The Atal Indore City Transport Service Limited (AICTSL) has plans for transforming the BRTS into a ‘green mobility friendly corridor’. As part of this sustainable move, all diesel-powered buses operating on the 11.45 km-long stretch are slated to be replaced with e-buses.

Municipal commissioner Harshika Singh stated, "We are going to make BRTS a first-of-its-kind green transport corridor in the country."

Around 50 e-buses to operate on BRTS

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At the moment, 29 CNG and 20 diesel buses ply on the route between Niranjanpur intersection and Rajiv Gandhi square. While the diesel buses will be taken out of circulation, the CNG-run buses will continue operations on the BRTS.

The new EVs, with 36 seats each, are expected to cost between ₹1.2-1.5 crore. One of the specs is that these buses are capable of running for 300 kms after a full charge. While the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has purchased 10 electric buses, 40 more of them will be secured in the coming days.

In general, the benefits of electric vehicles are manifold. Some of these include low running and maintenance costs, negligible tailpipe emissions and, most importantly, its efforts in preserving the environment through low impact emissions and zero noise pollution.

These EVs will also help take a step towards the vision of ‘Clean Indore, Green Indore’.

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