COVID-19: 1.10 lakh children aged 12 to 14 years in Indore to be vaccinated, starting March 23

COVID-19: 1.10 lakh children aged 12 to 14 years in Indore to be vaccinated, starting March 23

Schools to serve as vaccination centres in the drive to inoculate 12-14 years olds

Indore health officials have received the target to inoculate about 1.10 lakh kids of ages 12-14 years. The vaccination drive for the same will start from March 23. As per the order received by the Health Department, vaccination centres will be set up in the schools similar to previous vaccination drives for children aged 15-17 years. The School Education Department will ensure 100% attendance for complete vaccination.

Staff and nurses undergo training

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The campaign is aimed at improving COVID-19 immunity in children aged 12-14 years. The vaccine will be administered free of cost as per the order issued by MoHF. A national-level training was conducted in Indore on March 16 for the sole purpose of making the staff aware of all the dos and don'ts regarding the vaccination of children aged 12-14 years.

ANMs and nurses are also being trained for the registration of patients and for creating a safe environment for the vaccination of children. As many as 3.21 lakh Corbevax doses have been received by the Indore division for the vaccination of kids in this age group.

Out of this, about 70,000 (20%) doses will be administered in the Indore district, followed by 58,000 in Dhar and 50,000 in Khargone. Since the administration has lifted all COVID-19 related restrictions in the district, it is expected that children will be able to show up for vaccination without hassle.

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