Holiday retreat: This Christmas, getaway from Indore to these winter wonderlands nearby

Holiday retreat: This Christmas, getaway from Indore to these winter wonderlands nearby

Invoke the adventurer inside you for it's time for a Christmas retreat!

While the winters have brought about serenity, the holiday season is upon us and we cannot wait for the chance of rejuvenation and relaxation that comes along with it!

So, people, now is your chance to take full advantage of those casual leaves. Prep your itineraries in order to make this Christmas a beacon of joy and repose, make it extra magical. It's time for recreation, rejuvenation and respite! Here's a list of places, close to your city, that are absolutely enchanting in December.


MP Tourism

One tranquil hill station awaiting your arrival is Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh. Nestled amidst the Satpura Range and some 404 kms from Indore, 'Satpura Ki Rani' sits at an elevation of over 1,100 meters, offering a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As one ascends the rocky cliffs, Pachmarhi unfolds like a hidden gem and showcases nothing but lush forests and rich history. From 10,000-years-old cave paintings to cascading waterfalls, this destination has the power to soothe the soul.


Located at a distance of approx 222 kms from Indore, Maharashtra's Toranmal is one such winter wonderland summoning you this Christmas! The mist-kissed hills of Toranmal engulf dense forests, serene lakes, temples, stunning viewpoints and lots of trekking opportunities.

For instance, the Lotus Lake is sheer serenity enveloped by verdant hills and is a major attraction for lotus sightseeing, fishing and boating.


Maharashtra Bhramad

Some 464 kms from Indore, Maharashtra's Igatpuri makes for the perfect retreat for nature lovers. Perched upon the Western Ghats, Igatpuri is a haven for hikers and meditation enthusiasts (famous for Vipassana). From the enchanting Arthur Lake, the panoramic Camel Valley, to trekking through the captivating Kalsubai Peak, Igatpuri has a lot to offer!

Hanuwantiya Island


A rather offbeat location, Madhya Pradesh's Hanuwantiya Island is a water sports' paradise located some 140 kms from Indore. The perfect blend of culture, serenity and heritage, the calm island offers major attractions like the annual Jal Mahotsav.

Escape to this pollution-free zone — a hidden gem replete with rich flora and fauna.


Maharashtra Planet

Touted to be the smallest hill station in India, Matheran, ensconced within Maharashtra's Raigad, is both charming for its expansive beauty and unique. What sets it apart is not only its compact area but also the unparalleled status of being the sole automobile-free hill station across Asia! For this reason, this tourist magnet is probably one of the most peaceful spots to escape to.

Located around 585 kms from Indore, Matheran wears an almost celestial quality in the winters and is perfect to enrich your festivities this Christmas!

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