Holkar Stadium in Indore prepares for second Ind vs Afg match on January 14

Holkar Stadium in Indore prepares for second Ind vs Afg match on January 14

Virat Kohli, who was absent from the first match, will also be joining the squad for the Indore match.

After India's impressive victory in the opening match of the Ind vs Afg T20 series on Thursday, all eyes turn to the highly anticipated showdown in Indore on Jan 14.

In the previous clash at Mohali, Afghanistan set a total of 158 runs, only to be swiftly outclassed by India in just 17.3 overs. With the upcoming match scheduled at the Holkar Stadium, known for its batter-friendly conditions and shorter boundaries, expectations are high for an intense battle. The setting hints at the likelihood of an elevated run target in the first innings, promising an enthralling contest for cricket enthusiasts.

Pitch report and weather predictions for Indore match

Indore residents can brace themselves for a thrilling encounter at the Holkar Stadium, renowned for its intriguing T20 pitch. The much-anticipated return of Virat Kohli, absent from the first match, adds an extra layer of excitement to this upcoming game.

On match day, the weather forecast predicts temperatures ranging from 17°C to 22°C. With the scheduled start at 7 PM, the crease is expected to retain moisture due to dew accumulation, creating favourable conditions for spinners.

After this match, the T20 series will reach its climax with the final showdown in Bengaluru on Jan 17.

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