IDA sanctions construction of three flyovers at major intersections in Indore

IDA sanctions construction of three flyovers at major intersections in Indore

A total of ₹225 crores sanctioned for the construction of flyovers in the city.

In a meeting held on Wednesday, Indore Development Authority (IDA) has approved the construction of 3 new flyovers in the city. These new flyovers will be constructed at Bhawarkuan Square, Luvkush Square and Phooti Kothi Square. The construction of these flyovers is expected to ease traffic at these busy intersections. Other development projects in different areas of the city were also approved during the meeting.

A budget of ₹225 crores allotted for the flyovers

According to a press release from IDA, the upcoming flyover at Bhawarkuan score has been allotted a budget of ₹68 crores while the construction at Luvkush Square and Phooti Kothi Square will be carried out within a budget of ₹80 crores and ₹77 crores respectively. Together, the budget totals ₹225 crores for the three flyovers. As per media reports, a similar flyover project at Khajrana Square was sanctioned earlier. With a length of 850 mt, the Khajrana Square flyover is touted to be the longest flyover in the city.

Other major projects lined up

Apart from the flyovers, major road repairs and road widening projects proposed by Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) were also approved in the meeting. These projects include the construction of a new road from Bada Ganpati to Tigaria Badshah via scheme no. 155, road widening from under Bhandari Bridge to Banganga railway crossing on MR-4, and a road repair project near Anup Talkies on MR-9. Another cement-concrete road will be constructed from Bypass to the Trasport hub on MR-12 as proposed under TPS-3 and 8.

The minimum property rates in different schemes under IDA were also decided in the meeting. In addition to that, the dispensary in scheme no. 51 will also be developed to provide easily accessible health services to the locals.

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