IEHE Bhopal to develop MP’s first psychology lab; research centre to come  up soon

IEHE Bhopal to develop MP’s first psychology lab; research centre to come up soon

Students to utilise the lab for practicals on various aspects of psychology & study body language and human behaviour.

Institute for Excellence in Higher Education (IEHE), Bhopal will soon get the state’s first psychology lab. The psychology department in the college is also adding a Master of Arts in Psychology course this year. This way both undergraduate and post-graduate students will be able to benefit from the new lab. Students will be able to learn from many practical activities like counselling and reading facial expressions, body language, behaviour, etc.

A budget of ₹20 lakhs to be dedicated to developing psychology lab

According to college staff, the development work has taken off and making progress gradually. It is likely that the lab will be ready for use by August 2022. The development of the laboratory will be done within a budget of ₹20 lakhs.

Prof. Anupam Shukla, Psychology Department, IEHE shared, “the lab will allow students to counsel clients and study subjects in a distraction-free environment. It is a common problem that subjects get influenced by many external factors. This not only affects the students’ observations but also affects the treatment part of it."

Plans in the pipeline for IEHE’s Psychology Dept.

As per the reports, a total of 20 seats are made available for the enrolment. Considering the lack of psychology programmes in government colleges in the state, the addition of this programme is a great opportunity for students. Apart from the introduction of an MA course and the development of a psychology lab, there are several other plans lined up for the department.

The institute is also planning to develop a research centre, collaborate with other organisations, organise a number of national and international conferences and seminars for the students. The move will also introduce internship programmes in the curriculum of the 3rd year BA students.

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