IMC presents roadmap to make Indore a 'solar city'

IMC presents roadmap to make Indore a 'solar city'

Plans underway to install rooftop solar panels on more buildings across the city.

After setting an example for Indian cities when it comes to cleanliness, Indore has now set a goal to become the country's biggest solar city. The plan is to generate up to 60 megawatt of solar energy by the year 2027, which will be enough to meet a minimum of 10% of the city's 600 MW of power consumption in peak summer season.

Capacity of existing solar plants in Indore needs to be increased

Currently, solar plants installed on buildings in Indore have the capacity of generating up to 40 megawatt of solar power. Indore Municipal Corporation plans to further multiply the capacity of these power plants, taking it up to 300 MW within the next three years.

According to officials at IMC, total roof area of buildings in Indore is roughly around 125 lakh square meters and up to 20% of it can easily be utilized to install rooftop solar panels.

Rules and regulations for sanctioning buildings will also be changed

Indore mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava has also said that the city is open to changing rules and regulations with regard to sanctioning buildings in order to reach the goal of making Indore a 'solar city'. Furthermore, residents will also be given subsidies for setting up rooftop solar panels on their houses.

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