36 hour guide for an awesome weekend in Indore!

36 hour guide for an awesome weekend in Indore!

Indore, the cleanest city in India, is a beautiful place to visit. It is a cultural goldmine, gastronomical heaven and paradise for people seeking natural beauty.

So, if you are heading for Indore or are planning a visit there, we have created a perfect itinerary that includes the most amazing things Indore has to offer.

Day 1: Morning

Okay so you’re in Indore now. You’re thinking about doing something fun, but you want to fill your stomach first. Sure there are many high-end places and 5-star hotels you can go to for a great breakfast spread, but if you’re in Indore and you don’t eat the famous Poha-Jalebi for breakfast, why are you even in Indore?

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Poha-Jalebi is Indore’s gift to humanity, it is a dish that is the perfect combination of savory-sweet and tangy. The beautiful flattened rice, the peanuts, crunchy sev on top and the fresh hint of lime chased by a sweet-sweet bite of warm jalebi is the most amazing breakfast-food experience you’ll ever have. After you’re done with the breakfast, wander around a little bit, admire the cleanliness and the classic charm of the city.


Dedicate the day to stare admiringly at the lush greenery and head to Patal-Pani Waterfall.

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Patal-Pani Waterfall

Hardly an hour from Indore, Patal-Pani Waterfall is among the most beautiful waterfalls in India. It’s name is derived from the fact that no-one has been able to measure the depth of the lake that forms there and it is believed that the waterfall directly goes to pataal (hell/the underworld). keeping the stories aside, patal-pani is a beautiful place to go to, if you’re looking for adventure or just want to spend some time away from the constant buzz of cities and vehicles.

Late Evening

Now that you’ve had your fill of the beautiful waterfall it is time to head back to the city and do a little stomach-filling again at Sarafa Bazaar.

Hey! Don’t blame me, Indore is known for its food, so if you’re here, maybe live a little vicariously!

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Sarafa Bazaar Indore

Sarafa Market, is a huge jewelry market in Indore, but it is not famous for just its jewelry. This bustling market turns into a foodies dream come true as soon as the dusk envelops the city. The jewelry market contains food gems, with dishes and food combinations you cannot even imagine, this a favorite local hangout spot. Do a little digging and find some of the best food Indore has to offer, but don’t fill your stomach just yet!


Once your stomach is like meh, not empty not full, get in your car/take a cab and go for a wonderful drive through the city: Sarafa Market to 56 Dukaan to Super Corridor

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56 Dukan

Indore has a street that boast of having 56 shops all of food along the same lane. Agrawal Sweets, Johnny Hot Dogs, Tibbs Frankie, Vijay Chaat house, FYI, Rolls Mania, Dosa Centre are few of the 56. Indore does love food and if you’re in he city you’ll love it just the same. once you’re done shop-hopping from one to another, get back in the car and head out for a long drive along the Super Corridor.

Super Corridor

The industrial capital of MP, Indore has huge investments and big infra projects rolling its way, Super Corridor is one such project that has amazing 8 lane roads, college campuses and residential building all under construction. Which make the beautiful roads, a perfect long-drive destination at night, when all the works is done and the town goes peaceful.

After doing everything on the list, you’re sure to be tired, sleep for the next day will as exciting as this one.

Day 2: Mid-Morning/Afternoon

Now that you’ve enjoyed the food and the natural beauty of the city, it is time to bask in the cultural history and grandeur of Indore.

Have breakfast and head out to see the beautiful palaces, and architectural marvels including Rajwada Palace, Lalbagh Palace, and Kaanch Mandir.

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Rajwada Palace
[rebelmouse-image 22607032 original_size="550x365" expand=1]
Lalbah Palace

Indore’s architecture has a marvelous fusion of European, Mughal and Maratha culture and it is a sight to behold. So before you call it a day and get packing make sure to visit these majestic places that are unique and grand. For example the Lalbagh palace gates are exact replicas of the gates of Buckingham Palace!

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Lalbagh Palace gates

There is much to see and savor at Indore so the next time you visit this beautiful city make sure to have a little more time on your hand.

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