5 amazing weekend getaways from Indore for your next trip!

5 amazing weekend getaways from Indore for your next trip!

After a hectic work week, one needs a short break to recharge themselves. Though two days is short time to travel to far off places, these short trips are sure to make your weekend fun without much ado. To top it all off, the pleasant weather makes it the ideal time to travel. And here we have a list of 5 exciting getaways from Indore.


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An ancient fort city located 100 km from Indore, it is a getaway to satisfy the history buff in you. Surrounded by stone walls and dotted with darwaazas, it is far from the madding crowd. Places of interest include historical monuments modelled on Afghan style of architecture. Situated between 2 lakes, the ages old Jahaz Mahal, also called Ship Palace, stands tall and imposing. The Jami Masjid is another enormous structure, adorned with sprawling courtyards and daunting gateways. Apart from these, the Rewa Kund- a water reservoir situated below the pavilion, Darya Khan’s Tomb complex and Hoshang Shah’s Tomb- India’s first marble structure, are also must visits.


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Ratlam is destination for the adventurous ones. Situated 130 km from Indore, Ratlam has some great picnic spots and unique attractions like the cactus garden and paryavaran park that make it a good place to travel to. Apart from this, the town also has a large number of ancient temples showcasing the rich heritage and culture of the town. It is a quaint town where you can bask in the sun by the river bank and maybe even take a dip in the Jaman River which is usually not frequented by tourists.


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Famous for it’s many pilgrimage spots and ghats, it is a popular getaway since it’s only a 3 hour drive from Indore. Devouts make a beeline to Omkareshwa to worship one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva. If this does not interest you, there are picturesque spots that you can visit by boats along the Mandhata island providing some spectacular views of the Narmada river, you can sit on the banks and enjoy a peaceful picnic with friends and family.


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Though Banswara is situated in Rajasthan, it is a city with numerous water bodies. A mere 6 hours drive from Indore will take you to the bamboo forests of Banswara. One of the most famous water bodies here is the Dialab lake which is a great place for fishing, taking a swim or enjoying a sunset by the banks. The lake is also of mythological importance since it is believed that the Pandavas stayed here during their exile. Mahi Dam is another tourist attraction. Learn about hydroelectricity and behold the awesomeness of this giant man-made structure.


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If you thought that mountains were too far from you, think again. Pachmarhi, the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh is touted as the Queen of Satpuras. This high altitude tourist spot is filled with myriad of caves, jungles, and beautiful monuments. A visit here will bring you closer to Mother Nature as you take a trek along the long and winding paths, or see the sun rise above a backdrop of mountains. This natural biome with many waterfalls and lush green forests will give you a chance to explore the flora and fauna of the region. If you have a long weekend on your hand, this place should definitely be on your travel list.

If you wish to get away from the hullabaloo of the city, and relax on a weekend, then these five great weekend getaways are sure to do the trick.

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