5 Indorean delicacies which you NEED to eat on your next trip to Indore!

5 Indorean delicacies which you NEED to eat on your next trip to Indore!

Indore is a city of culinary wonders- only when you know where and what to eat!

There's a lot of other things about Indore, other than their cleanest city in India tag, that’ll tempt you to stay a little longer here. The most important bit therein, being the food!

The street food of Indore, has its roots based in recipes from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra at economical prices too, which makes this city super affordable when it comes to our forever hungry tummy. So here are 5 dishes in Indore which you MUST try out on your next visit to this place and trust us, we’re sorting your culinary itinerary right here!

Poha Jalebi

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Most Indoreans prefer to start their day with Poha Jalebi as their staple breakfast. A plate of savory poha with a cup of masala chai and sweet jalebis is the way they roll here- with a generous amount of farsan or namkeen sev sprinkled on the poha, of course to add a crunchy texture! Be brave and bite into the warm jalebis while savoring the poha and you won’t be disappointed.

You’ll find this pair at any breakfast joint in the city at nominal rates!

Khatte Samose

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Almost everyone I know, prefer their evening tea with a masaledar samosa on the side!

In Indore, there are Khatte Samoses which have an intense tangy taste to shake up your tongue and cheeks! These delicious fried snacks are served with a signature chutney on the side, which adds a bit of sweetness to the tang to the samosas. People claim that the best Khatta Samosas can be found at Swadisht Samosa Corner, in Sarafa Bazaar.

Bhutte ka Kees

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Bhutte ka Kees is a speciality here in Indore. Essentially, this dish is made with boiled and mashed corn, fried in ghee. It's then mixed up with besan, hing, jeera and a lot of other Indian spices, which makes it a must-try for people looking for desi food innovations.

You can try this one out at Joshi Dahi Bada House and it isn’t for the people who keep a count of their daily calorie intakes.

Dal Bafla

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Dal Bafla is basically a baked goodie which is supposed to melt in your mouth at the first bite. A little similar to the popular dal baati, this dish is made with wheat, curd and of course, a lot of spices to tingle your tastebuds!

Before being baked, these mounds are immersed in water and boiled to get the perfect tender texture and then these are served with a side of zesty dal.

Head over to Swadisht Samosa Corner for the best Dal Bafla in the city!

Khopra Patties

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Also know as Coconut Patties, unlike any other regular potato patties, Khopra Patties are Indorean aloo tikkis stuffed or filled with grated and garnished coconut and then are deep-fried.

It is served with a tangy red chutney and you can taste the best of the lot, at Indore’s famous Vijay Chaat House, in Chappan Dukan. These are a MUST-HAVE here at Indore so don’t miss out on this delicacy.

So you need to put these dishes on your city check-list or else the curse of too many damn elaichis in your biryani might just befall you!

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