An app that delivers Coconut water at your doorstep could become a reality in Indore

An app that delivers Coconut water at your doorstep could become a reality in Indore

Beating the heat in the sweltering summer can be a challenge. Sure you can get a few shakes, icy drinks and what not to cool yourself down, but you’re always going to have to step out of your house for it. If you’re like us, and just want to laze in your air conditioned room all day, then we may have something that will interest you. Niu Neer, an app that delivers coconut water to your doorstep could soon become functional in Indore.

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Niu Neer is India's first-ever tender coconut delivery service provider and it will soon come to Indore. The app is determined to offer India's beloved 'nariyal paani' with the utmost convenience and consistency.

A classic yet contemporary favourite in India, Niu Neer proposes to put premium quality tender coconuts in the hands of the consumer, a couple of days from the time they are picked.

As of now, their services are available in Mumbai and Chennai, and the company is building its followers by the thousands with its diverse target audience. From households that traditionally drink the beverage every morning, to discerning millennials adopting healthy lifestyles, the company not only aims to provide a service but to ensure a sustainable one as well.

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Inspired by the vision to create a consumer revolution, Niu Neer delved into the source of the value chain, reducing numerous layers between the producer and consumer. This enables audiences to avail fresh, home-delivered produce, while simultaneously delivering a fair price to farmers.

"Our goal is not only to provide a seamless service but also to incentivize customers to be responsible to the environment. For every delivery we also collect every shell we shell. We make sure to recycle the shells the customers have returned and have created an innovative and seamless sustainability initiative with these units," Niu Neer Founder Deepak Ram said. Since business is booming, they are looking to expand to Indore, among a few other cities.

Well, now that you know about this, it's time to ditch the cafes and bistros that you would ordinarily visit to cool off.

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