Indore Master Plan 2035 underway with focus on green initiatives

Indore Master Plan 2035 underway with focus on green initiatives

Experts from T&CP to chart out the base map for Master Plan 2035

A team of experts from the Town and Country Planning (T&CP) Department have started developing the base map for Master Plan 2035. In an attempt to define parameters to prepare a master plan, a meeting presided over by the Indore Collector Manish Singh was organised. The meeting discussed developmental plans in various sectors including, housing, commercial, industrial, public and semi-public transport, leisure, and heritage.

Existing land use to determine future development

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In the process of discovering the existing land use, the team of experts from T&CP will conduct site visits and various surveys. The shortlisted land pieces will be used for the development of crucial infrastructure like roads, flyovers, railway networks, metro trains, IDA schemes, etc. However, a decision to use the land dedicated to unfinished projects proposed under the previous plan has not been taken. T&CP will also be tasked to demarcate the developed and undeveloped areas in the city.

As per officials, the plan is expected to be prepared, keeping in mind the eco-friendly infrastructure development in the city. In the past, the city civic body has taken various initiatives to promote environmental conservation, namely, the creation of Ahilya Vans (City forest), rejuvenation of Kahn and Saraswati rivers, and recharging of groundwater levels in the city. Additionally, the state government also plans to launch the EV policy at the upcoming Auto Expo that will take place in Indore.

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Altogether, these developments aim at reducing carbon emissions, resulting in the preservation of natural resources, forests, wildlife, plants and biodiversity. The Development plan 2035, will include the construction and renovation of new and existing city infrastructure, aiming at providing efficient services to the citizen.

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