Cafe Palette in Old Palasia Indore is every food lover’s permanent address

Cafe Palette in Old Palasia Indore is every food lover’s permanent address

Tucked away in the quiet streets of Old Palasia is every food lover and introvert’s hideaway, Palette Cafe. The cafe has been remodeled from an old villa and it gives you the biggest homely vibes with cozy rest corners and subtle decor. The cafe is a favourite among people who are looking for great food and a little peace and quiet.

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The fact that the cafe has been remodeled from a villa only adds to its charm. We get major Central perk vibes here and we wouldn’t trade the comfortable couches for wooden chairs. the flow f the cafe is so that there are several sections divided which aal serve as the perfect segmentation between tables, so you never feel claustrophobic or in need of a little calm.

Also, the cafe’s flow makes it possible for you to opt for indoor, outdoor as well as rooftop seating and that is the ultimate plus point in our eyes. Not only do you get a comfortable and homely vibe you also get to enjoy amazing food that can only be described as beautifully prepared.

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The cafe has an extensive menu and we are already a fan. From African delicacies like the Bunny Chow, which is made by adding a saucy curry to hollowed out half loaf of bread to traditional Mexican nachos topped with Mexican beans, minced chicken and queso sauce.

The aroma of their freshly brewed coffee has enticed the entire city and we cannot be more in love. Their Spaghetti pesto and aglio e olio is a pasta and sauce lovers dream on a platter. Their desi and smoky burgers also have us drooling while their barbecue chicken and sicilia pizza give us a warm fudgy feeling inside.

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Though we adore the vibe here are total fans, the service can be quicker and the servers a little more attentive and polite. Other than that you are sure to find good food and great times at cafe Palette.

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