D Restro 54 is the newest hangout spot in Indore and it is pretty as a picture!

D Restro 54 is the newest hangout spot in Indore and it is pretty as a picture!

Indore is a town that is evolving at an astounding pace. With a number of new hangout spots, restaurants and cafes opening shop, Indore has truly become a gastronomical heaven. Yet, the true-blue foodies in the city are always on the lookout for something new and interesting to try out. If you're someone who's on a quest to find your newest hangout spot, D Restro 54 is a place you definitely need to be at.

D Restro 54, in Vijay Nagar, Indore is a newbie in town and we cannot wait to declare it the latest addition to our favorite hangouts!

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Pretty as a picture

Vijay Nagar is arguably the most happening place in Indore, especially when it comes to hangout spots. No matter what you're looking for, cozy and modern, elegant and comfortable or whimsical and eccentric, Vijay Nagar has no shortage of places to pick from.

And yet, there isn't a place that can match up to the dreamy interiors and the Instagram worthy decor that D Restro 54 has. Themed around astrology, garden and planets, the place is quirky and tantalizing! The lighting, the decor and everything about the place makes it look and feel other-worldly, and you won't be able to stop yourself from clicking a few pictures.

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For the Tastebuds

D Restro 54 is known for its delicious North Indian and global spread. The food served here will have you licking your fingers in no time. From the tomato bruschetta, dahi kebab, malai paneer tikka, peshawari kebabs, chilli mustard stir fry, green/red Thai curry, lasagna or Birbal ki handi, you'll find everything to be done with perfection.

Though the menu is limited, everything on the menu is delicious and made to please the foodie soul.

Knock Knock

D Restro 54 is a great hangout spot, especially if you live in and around Vijay Nagar. The restaurant's location, its decor and the food are p-pretty great, making it a wonderful choice for anyone looking for a new hangout spot to chill with the group or a just a 'fun new place' for a date.

Address: 32, Basement, Sector B, Scheme 54, Near Sica School, Vijay Nagar, Indore

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