Drinx Exchange is a Virtual Reality bar in Indore which will sort your weekend plans!

Drinx Exchange is a Virtual Reality bar in Indore which will sort your weekend plans!

With the festive season en route, most of us are already making plans to kick out the monotonous stress and chill with our squad! To back up our intentions in the most exciting way possible, Drinx Exchange has finally opened up its doors here in Indore.

Conceptualised on the lines of Bar Stock Exchange, Drinx Exchange already has the booze-heads in town, rooting for it! With its virtual reality set-up, interactive ambience and economical pricing, this bar is a must-visit for all, looking for a place to chill out.

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The Vibes!

Drinx Exchange has brought in a never-seen-before concept to Indore! Folks here are going bonkers because of it’s relaxed yet lively ambience, pocket-friendly pricing and of course, the Stock Exchange concept seals the deal.

They have digital tables which aren’t just meant to hold your plates and drinks- it introduces you to your waiter, takes your order, displays lyrics of the ongoing music and so on! But the most interesting feature surely lies in the option which says, ‘Crash the Market’ which works on the formula of Bar Stock Exchange. On the occasion of a market price crash, the prices of drinks drop by 25% for 3 minutes and you gotta keep your eyes open for it. All of this turns into fun and games as soon as you step in here and we know, you’ll not feel like leaving anytime soon!

They also have a huge 3D projector where you can see live sports and videos so be it a Saturday night or a Wednesday chill session after office, Drinx Exchange is where you should be.

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Palate Pleasers!

When it comes to food and drinks, this place slays in style- be it the hospitality, presentations of the spread or the experience overall, Drinx Exchange doesn’t disappoint.

When here, of course you’ll be tempted to order the drinks first-hand but you’d be needing some tucks to go with it. Order the Cheese Fondue, Cheese Chilli Seekh Kebab, Malaysian Grilled Chicken and conclude with the Chocolate Mud Pot, which’ll have you licking your fingers surely.

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Knock Knock

So this weekend if you’re looking for a place to let loose, Drinx Exchange is the place to be. Gather up your drinking buddies and head over ASAP because Indore has welcomed a concept worth your time and money.

Location: Shop 6, Satguru Parinay, Scheme 54, Opposite C 21 Mall, Vijay Nagar, Indore

Timings: 1 pm – 12:30 am

Cost: ₹1,200 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

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