Feronia Fashion Night in Indore is changing gender perspectives through fashion

Feronia Fashion Night in Indore is changing gender perspectives through fashion

Indoris, are you looking for a completely new sort of an event? Something that makes you reconsider ideas, gets the mind gears churning? If so, then head over to Feronia Fashion night, which is empowering the LGBTQ community through fashion and embracing them as a part of our society. In fact, they're also aiming to change a few perceptions, so be sure to do your part.

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What's happening?

At the one of a kind fashion show, you'll get a chance to see fashion being used as a statement- one that stands up, one that's powerful and one that has a thought provoking message. Such a show is a rare find in Indore and if you're for LGBTQ rights, then you've got to pay a visit here and show your support.

What's more is that all the models are themselves members of the LGBTQ society, which is something that lends the show a completely different take on the whole matter.

Through their fashion, the designers are looking to push boundaries and make people more amenable to the realities of life. With this event, you're standing up for a good cause and also, gaining insights into the world of fashion not just as clothing and accessories, but as art forms that make a bold statement wherever you go.

Knock Knock

To be a part of Feronia Fashion Night, head over to the Grand Bhagwati Palace and partake in something that's bigger than you. Stand up for equal rights, irrespective of gender and sexual orientation while also making an integral change to society.

This is just one of the few events that are helping the cause of the LGBTQ community and in the near future, we're hoping that there's no need for more such events.

When: September 01, 2019

Where: The Grand Bhagwati Palace

Book your tickets here.

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