A peaceful protest by kids from Gautamapura forces authorities to take the right steps!

A peaceful protest by kids from Gautamapura forces authorities to take the right steps!

Gautampura children protest to have garbage dump moved away from residential area

Children in Gautampura town of Indore district in Madhya Pradesh convinced the local civic body to move a garbage dump site away from the residential area. Their primary concern was that the dump generated an unbearable stench making it difficult to be around. The proximity of the garbage dump to residential areas made the children condemn its location resulting in protest.

Clean Gautampura: Children's initiative

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To quote sociologist Kasper Naegele, "The adult world sees in youth a special embodiment of its own wider assumptions; that life is open, that there is space for change and betterment, and that the future will improve on the past."

School life is not all about academics, games, friends and fun. In fact, it is also about learning to interact with society, learning life skills, being aware of the social issues and inequities and learning to amend the deformities present in our system. A recent example showed by the Children of a small town in Indore clearly specifies the attempts one can make to make the world a better place to live.

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In Gautampura, a small town located 50 km away from Indore, around 100 children took part in the rally against the dumping site on Tuesday, forcing the civic body to take action in favour of the protest. As a result, the garbage dumping site in the Gautampura locality will be shifted to another location and the area will be cleaned ensuring all the necessary hygienic standards. However, the dumpsite has been in use for the last 25 years and not all of the garbage ended up on this site, as the dry and wet waste was segregated and disposed of separately.

It is no doubt that children are the pillars of modern society. Making a difference doesn't always mean doing something that's going to change the world. Sometimes doing things that make a difference to yourself, your family, friends or community is also enough.

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