Gunmeet Kaur Bindra appointed as the first female principal of Indore's Daly college

Gunmeet Kaur Bindra appointed as the first female principal of Indore's Daly college

Daly College’s new principal Gunmeet Kaur Bindra is also a former National Hockey player

Indore’s Daly College welcomes its first female principal Gunmeet Kaur Bindra. Besides being the first female principal, she is the 18th to assume this position in the 150 years of existence of The Daly College. Bindra took charge of the position from her predecessor Principal Ahmed Ansari in the presence of other board members. The former hockey player, Bindra has also served as a principal for other boarding schools too.

Emphasis on both sports and academics

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An alumnus of Delhi School of Economics and Calcutta University and a former national Hockey Player, Dr. Gunmeet Bindra was appointed the first woman principal of a top 10 ranked all-boys boarding school, the Welham Boys, Dehradun in 2012. Where she served for a period of 8 years. The new principal Gunmeet Kaur Bindra will be in charge for five years.

Considering her background in sports and a great track record in leading educational institutes. The new chairman Vikram Singh Pawar’s vision of introducing new academic methods and uplifting sports will be prioritised in the College. In an attempt to do so, college officials are also planning to bring International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum that will run alongside the regular CBSE curriculum.

A finishing school to come up in Daly College

According to news reports, Pawar also announced that a finishing school will be opened, aimed at personality development. Board members have agreed to the idea of setting up this finishing school. As per officials, the training that will be given here will meet international standards.

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