Defacing city walls a civil offence in Indore; IMC puts a fine on 17 firms

Defacing city walls a civil offence in Indore; IMC puts a fine on 17 firms

A total of 17 institutes are fined for pasting posters and banners on the street

Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) fined several institutions in the city with a massive amount of ₹78,250 for sticking posters, advertisements, and flyers on city walls decorated with graffiti and other artwork. Defacing the city through displaying unauthorised advertisements such as illegal banners, posters and hoardings with different messages is also a major problem.

17 institutes to pay a fine of ₹78,250

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Posters were found stuck on electric poles and other public properties as well. Among the fined establishments were schools, coaching classes, marketing companies, tiffin centres, etc. MGCI coaching centre, which operates in Navlakha Bus Stand, close to Geeta Bhawan, Tilak Nagar, and City Bus Office area was fined a total of ₹45,000.

Apart from that, Manvi Tiffin Centre located at MR-10 was fined ₹5,000, BD Toshniwal School at Chhatribagh was fined ₹1,000, Care Service Centre at Indraprasth Tower was fined ₹3,000. In a similar fashion, a total of 17 establishments were fined. The move aims at maintaining Indore’s cleanest city tag.

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