Indian Railways plan to complete Indore-Dahod broad gauge project by June 2024

Indian Railways plan to complete Indore-Dahod broad gauge project by June 2024

Ministry of Railways resumes work on the Indore-Dahod railway line project, targets completion by 2024.
Work has restarted on the 204.76 km long Indore-Dahod broad gauge railway line project of the Western Railways, Ratlam Division. The project was put on hold in May 2020. As of last month, the Railway Board has given permission to restart work on the project. The ministry of railways targets the completion of this project by June 2024. The railway line runs Indore to Dahod via Pithampur, Dhar, Sardarpur, and Jhabua.

An alternative route to Mumbai and Vadodara

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Part of the Indore-Dahod railway line project is operational (Indore to Tihi via Rau) and was completed in 2016-17. The objective of this new railway line is to improve connectivity with Indore in order to bring socio-economic development along the route. It also doubles as an alternative route from Indore to Vadodara. Direct connectivity from the above-mentioned areas to Mumbai will also be established on the completion of the project.

Work under process

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Chief PR Officer of the Western Railways, Sumit Thakur, shared that the project was kept on hold on account of various other ongoing tasks like the construction of bridges, tunnels and embankments. As of now, the land acquisition process in the Dhar district has been completed. This area includes 106.46 kilometres from Indore and 23.6 kilometres from Jhabua to Dahod. Tenders are yet to be passed for work between Tihi and Dhar (46.6 kms). Thakur also shared that the Railway Board sanctioned
Rs 1,640.04 crores for the project in June 2012.

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