Homeless people in Indore to get a new life with IMC's new rehabilitation initiative

Homeless people in Indore to get a new life with IMC's new rehabilitation initiative

Rehab and skill development to help the poor become self-dependent

The homeless and beggars on the streets of Indore will be rehabilitated and provided skill training by an Indore based social organisation formed in collaboration with Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC). The organisation is motivated to keep rescuing and helping the homeless needy in order to make the streets of Indore beggar free.

A step towards making the streets beggar free

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Apart from rehabilitation and skill training, they are also being provided with basic amenities like food and clothes. Rupali Jain, president of the organisation said, "We rescue, destitute from temples, footpaths and other places. Their skill development is done here. Currently, a total of 51 men and 4 women are here."

The initiative is aimed at making Indore, a beggar free city by providing practical skills and training. The beggar will be trained for various professions including, electrician, mechanic, sewing, etc. The skill development training provided at the centre would help the trainees find jobs and remunerative work.

-with inputs from ANI.

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