DAVV adds 12 new subjects to the PhD programme, reschedules DET for April 19

DAVV adds 12 new subjects to the PhD programme, reschedules DET for April 19

The 12 new subjects also include, Music and Dance, Drawing and Painting, and Electronics & Instrumentation

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) has added 12 new subjects to their doctoral programme. As a consequence, the total number of seats has also increased. The move for the DAVV authorities to extend the registration and exam date. As per the new update, the DET will now be conducted on April 19, for which the aspirants can now apply online till March 28. In addition, the candidates will also be allowed to register online with a late fee of ₹1000 till April 4. Earlier, the test was scheduled to be conducted on March 26.

An increase in the subjects lead to increase in seats

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The number of registrations for the doctoral programme at DAVV has been low this year in comparison to previous years. The university is hopeful that with an increase in subject options, the number of registrations will also increase in the coming days. A total of 12 subjects have been added in the list of subjects that include Music and Dance, Drawing and Painting, Electronics & Instrumentation, History, Law, Sanskrit, Philosophy, English, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Applied Physics

As opposed to the norm of conducting PhD entrance exam twice a year, DAVV was unable to conduct a single DET in the last three years. Due to this gap, the exam is now being conducted on a larger scale with an increase in the number of seats to over 1200.

Interested candidates can check the programme details and register online

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