Indore flyers get 24x7 airport shuttle service to 50 locations in the city

Indore flyers get 24x7 airport shuttle service to 50 locations in the city

Good news for frequent flyers! Now you can get a feeder service to take you to as many as 50 locations from the Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport. People flying to Indore will no longer have to depend on the taxis and expensive cabs to take them to their destination with the new shuttle service.

What’s the update?

The taxi service was introduced this Friday by Atal Indore City Service Ltd (AICTSL). The service is a dedicated for the airport passengers and it covers over 50 location in the city. The taxi service aims to provide relief to the passengers travelling to and from the Indore airport.

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The Facts

These shuttles that are being managed by a private company are 15 seaters and air conditioned. The shuttles would operate on the said 50 routes round the clock. Initially the price for a ride is being set at a nominal fees of ₹30 though the airport authorities confirm that it will later go up to ₹99.

Why is it important?

The shuttle service becomes significant in providing the passengers with a reliable, safe and pocket friendly means of transport. With the shuttle service passengers will no longer have to worry about haggling with auto drivers and paying for expensive cab ride to and from the airport.

Knock Knock

The shuttle service is expected to be a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation. It will especially be beneficial for people who want to save a quick buck and also have the comfort and safety of travelling with other people.Let’s hope other cities learn yet another lesson from Indore and bring something similar to their airports as well.

News source TOI

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