Over 3000 bicycles to be added to the public transport system in Indore

Over 3000 bicycles to be added to the public transport system in Indore

Operated on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), the project has been set up at an estimated cost of ₹10 crores

Indore has taken another step towards reducing air pollution in the city. A total of 3,000 bicycles will be introduced in the public transport system in various phases. The first phase of the Indore Public Bicycle System has been set up at an estimated cost of ₹10 crores. Operated on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, the project was inaugurated by the state chief minister on Monday.

Bicycles rentable on a subscription model

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In an attempt to provide the public with quality services, the authorities adopted the PPP model, resulting in the development of an app-based bicycle subscription system. The Indore Public Bicycle System would only cost ₹10 to rent a bicycle for 10 hours. Additionally, a bicycle can also be rented for the month at just ₹349.

The locks on these cycles will be operated by means of a mobile application. In addition to that, each bike will be equipped with GPS to avoid loss and damage. According to officials, various cycle stands will be strategically placed at bus stops and other public places. The introduction of bicycles in the public transport system will reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel while simultaneously keeping the environment protected and reducing carbon emissions.

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