Indore is obsessing over a THIS new Thai Feast! Money Bags are all the rage in town!

Indore is obsessing over a THIS new Thai Feast! Money Bags are all the rage in town!

Money Bags, a traditional thai delicacy, is now in Indore. So why wait for it!

Indore's street food game mostly goes out of its way to surprise you. This time, in the bustling streets and flowery alleys of Chandralok Square, you’ll come across a small stall that stands out from the rest. The stall serves up an exotic Thai dish, Money Bag, in addition to the city’s all-time favorite Indian momo.

It’s a hidden gem that speaks to Indore’s eclectic palate, blending flavors in a way that’s nothing short of delightfully delicious. Welcome to Money Bags & Momos!

Money Bags: A Thai delicacy

Without a doubt, the star of this stall are the Money Bags. Money Bag, aka Tung Thong, is a traditional Thai dish that consists of deep-fried minced meat or minced vegetables wrapped in a crispy shell. These tiny and cute parcels are stuffed with minced vegetables or chicken, mixed with Thai herbs, Indian spices, cilantro, paprika, chilli, etc. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and savoury flavors.

Momo Meal is a must try 

If you are looking for the comfort of a traditional momo dish, Money Bags offers a variety. The traditional steamed momo is tender and succulent, full of flavor at every bite. However, the true magic happens when the steamed momo is transformed into a Gravy Momo and served with Rumali Roti, as Momo Meal.

When are you heading

So the next time you’re wandering in the streets of Indore and, looking for something to eat, head over to Money Bags, and get transported to Thailand, mentally!

Where: Money Bags, Chandralok Square, Sree Nagar Extension, Indore

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