Indore is on a winning streak; bags the title for best traffic management in India

Indore is on a winning streak; bags the title for best traffic management in India

Recently, Indore received the award for the cleanest city, the third time in a row. This is definitely a major accomplishment for the town and its residents. Turns out, this is not the only area Indore excels in as it’s just been declared that Indore has the best traffic management in all of India, and the city will be awarded to celebrate the same.

Accomplishing this feat was by no means easy. The traffic police and the authorities in the city had been tirelessly working, without fault, to ensure that traffic rules are followed in the city. Apart from that, the traffic police and the IMC (Indore Municipal Corporation) also brought their powers together to work round the clock and bring the city’s traffic to the pedestal that it stands on today.

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The goal from here on is to improve the traffic of Indore even more. Officials stated that this is their the top priority. Apart from that, the government is modernizing the traffic system, implementing more stringent traffic rules and is also increasing the number of traffic police force to make the traffic even better. The official also went on to say that the government and police can do whatever they want but as long as the people aren’t motivated to bring the city on the top, not much can be done.

This is where the citizens of Indore deserve a round of applause. They have been true to their city and have shown their love for the town on many occasions. Indore has been awarded as the cleanest city thrice and largely, the award goes out to the people of Indore.

When it comes to traffic rules and management as well, the residents of the city have been doing their part. They have been following the rules laid down by the government and we can surely say that the traffic condition in the city has certainly improved. Now, the IMC is devising new and better methods to further improve traffic conditions in the city and bring it at par with international standards.

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