Feasibility survey for a 3-layered elevated metro corridor begins in Indore

Feasibility survey for a 3-layered elevated metro corridor begins in Indore

The multi-layered elevated metro corridor will connect Rajiv Gandhi square to Devas Naka

After Jaipur and Nagpur, the feasibility survey for the 3-layer elevated metro corridor has begun in Indore as well. Officials from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) have arrived in Indore to conduct the survey and examine the feasibility for the metro line from Indore to Pithampur and Ujjain. Following this survey, a report will be prepared based on the traffic and other aspects to get a final judgement on the feasibility of the project.

Busy traffic calls for a 3-layer elevated corridor

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An increase in urbanisation and development in the Pithampur and Ujjain area has led to an increase in the traffic in these areas over the period of the last 30 years. The construction of a 10 km long, 3-layered elevated corridor is long overdue because of the increased traffic.

Once the report based on the feasibility survey gets approved, the construction of the said elevated corridor will get a green flag. As per the plan, the lowest road of the elevated corridor will allow common traffic to pass, the middle elevated bridge will also allow vehicles, and metro trains will run on the top.

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