Indore moves closer to becoming a smart city with newly proposed roads

Indore moves closer to becoming a smart city with newly proposed roads

Indore city has been progressing at a very impressive pace and is on the fast track to become a smart city. Recently, the city’s airport got the international status, the metro is developing as well, and soon, there is a plan to construct 5 major roads across Indore. This development will certainly herald a new era of transportation in the city.

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What’s the update?

Since Indore and its population is expanding at a rather high rate, the traffic in the city is taking a toll for the worse. Roads are jam packed and getting from one point to another is nothing less than a chore. These new roads will help with the traffic issues and make the city future proof as well.

Where will the roads be built?

All of the 5 roads coming up in the city will be constructed in the major parts of the city, to ensure that they do not pose a problem into the future. The goal is to have these roads ready by 2021.

These proposed projects are construction and development of MR-5 (From Indore Wire Factory to Bada Bangarda), RI-2 (from Bhuri Tekri to Nemawar Road via New RTO Office), MR-3 (from Pipliyapala to Bypass) and MR-9 (from IDA Scheme-53 to Bypass).

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As of now, only proposals for the roads have been put into place. Once the budget plan for the roads is given, the government will push the move accordingly. The roads will especially benefit residents in and around the areas where they are being built.

However, the roads will take some time to complete and that could be a major issue for daily commuters. The authorities will ensure that bypass routes are made to make matters convenient for commuters. Surely, the residents see this as more of a boon than a bane for the city as a whole.

The upcoming roads will take a while to come up but we are glad that the development is here to make the city better and more future proof than ever before.

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