Driving vehicles with tinted glasses, now a punishable offence in Indore under CrPC Sec 144 (2)

Driving vehicles with tinted glasses, now a punishable offence in Indore under CrPC Sec 144 (2)

People using or selling black film on vehicles will be punished under CrPC Section 144(2)

Despite the ban on the tinted glasses on the four-wheeler under the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), the usage of black films are on the rise in Indore. In an attempt to address the same, the Indore Police Commissioner has issued prohibitory orders against the practice. As per the issued notice, car decor shops installing black films and the users will now be liable for punishment under the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) Section 144(2).

Order issued in the interest of public safety

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Installation of black films on vehicles may give rise to heinous criminal activities since these films allow those inside the vehicle to look outside of it while one cannot see the activities going on inside such vehicles. The prohibitory order has been issued keeping in mind the safety of those who can fall victim to these criminal activities.

Putting this activity under CrPC Section 144 (2) will ensure the implementation of the order with immediate effect. However, as per the order, objections are welcomed by any organisation and individuals regarding the issued notice. After considering the objections, reasonable changes can be made to the decision.

Additionally, the traffic police will now be equipped with a Window tint visibility meter. The move came with an aim to avoid any dispute with the user. The order will be applicable until May 30, 2022. Meanwhile, those who fail to comply with any part of the order will also be charged under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) Section 188.

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