Indore man dresses up as Lord Ganesha to regulate traffic at Regal intersection!

Indore man dresses up as Lord Ganesha to regulate traffic at Regal intersection!

This fascinating act managed to raise a lot of eyeballs, garnering significant attention amongst the city dwellers!

In an interesting turn of events, Lord Ganesha himself shouldered the responsibility of regulating traffic in Indore on, September 19. Donning the clothes of the revered Hindu deity, Priyanshu Chaukse took his position at Indore's Regal intersection and guided traffic in the city. Being stationed at one of the city's busiest crossings, he managed to raise a lot of eyeballs and garner significant attention through this fascinating act!

Greet Ganesha at Indore's Regal chauraha

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On multiple occasions, people and social organisations in Indore have come together to increase awareness about the traffic regulations in the city. Adding to the altruism and creativity, Priyanshu dressed up in the attire of Lord Ganesha on the day of 'Ganesh Visarjan', which fell on Sunday. As per reports, a number of commuters listened to his directions, as he tried to explain the importance of traffic rules.

Ravi Arora, a resident of Indore said, "The effort of the man seemed like a gesture of Lord Ganesha himself, who was here to guide public to driving appropriately. After I faced some personal tragedies on the Regal chauraha and other bisections of the city, I strictly follow traffic rules and have taught my 19-year old daughter to do the same."

Urgent need to follow traffic regulations

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As per reports, a study conducted by Indore's traffic police this year found out that about 153 individuals lost their lives because of road accidents in 2020. Further, it also revealed that the death toll due to road accidents increased by 20% in the first five months of 2021, as compared to the previous year. Most of the cases were connected to overspeeding or inexperienced driving. These facts raise concerns about the increasing rate of fatalities and point towards the dire need for public consciousness in this regard.

Knock Knock

Tonnes of casualities take place in the city due to road accidents and many citizens put themselves as well as others in trouble by violating traffic rules. To avoid such mishaps, people should drive carefully not only in urban regions but also on highways and follow the traffic signals prescribed for their safety.

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