Indore’s restaurants, cafes and hangout spots now officially have Selfie Zones for you!

Indore’s restaurants, cafes and hangout spots now officially have Selfie Zones for you!

With our selfie-obsessed generation, it is of no surprise that selfie corners and props are becoming increasingly popular all over! So Indore, has made a very clever move taking the mood of the millennials into account these days!

Several hangout spots in the city, like cafes and restaurants have introduced colourful backdrops for their patrons so that they can visit time and again for a perfect selfie!

The masterminds behind this step believe that it not only keeps the customers happy and coming back for more but also increases publicity through word-of-mouth!

Another selfie point has been curated at Chhatri Bagh Bridge which is an expansive installation of water pots that read #INDORE.

How cool is that?

Even the wall outside Indore’s popular Regal Cinema, has a painting which has become a favoured photo-shoot location for the youngsters!

A popular hangout café in Indore called the Jail Cha Bar has curated an interior for patrons to click selfies. Similarly, there are other cafes too which have introduced funky props and quirky backgrounds for the youth where they can all go with their selfie-sesh!

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Recently, Indore has also initiated ‘Swachh Survekshan 2019’ initiative where the whole city had become the canvas for several artists!

This artistic city is now catering to the needs of Instagram addicts who go to great extents to make their Instagram feed aesthetic and artsy!

So pop up in any one of these cafes in Indore and get clicking!

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