Sarwate Bus Stand inaugurated in Indore, buses to start running post Rangpanchmi

Sarwate Bus Stand inaugurated in Indore, buses to start running post Rangpanchmi

Bus stand to be equipped with a food zone for passengers

The newly constructed Sarwate Bus Stand was virtually inaugurated by the MP Chief Minister on Monday. The re-construction was brought out at an estimated cost of ₹14.80 crores. All buses that used to run from the bus stand will resume starting Wednesday, March 23. This has been decided due to March 22 being a local holiday on the occasion of Rangpanchmi. Built on 7,878 square metres of land, the facility is a fine specimen of the collective development work in the city.

Buses from Sarwate to run within the state

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As per Indore Municipal Corporation’s (IMC’s) officials, buses from Sarwate Bus Stand will not cross state lines. About 500 buses will run to and fro the districts within MP and cities neighbouring Indore. This will also include a number of buses that will run in the city alone.

Interstate buses will keep operating as usual from Gangwal Bus Stand and other interstate bus stands in the city. The move will allow travellers to commute within the city by means of cheaper public transport as compared to taxis and auto-rickshaws. The upgrades in the bus stand now also include a food zone for the weary passengers.

In an attempt to make sure the equal participation of the public in government initiatives, the city authorities are running various govt initiatives, including the renovation and reconstruction of the sarvate bus stand. The move is aimed at formulating schemes and facilities as per the needs of citizens.

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