Now enjoy a kadak Tandoori Chai at Fursat Chai Cafe in Indore’s Bhanwarkuan

Now enjoy a kadak Tandoori Chai at Fursat Chai Cafe in Indore’s Bhanwarkuan

Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea? A warm kullhad filled with freshly made, steaming, milky tea that is flavoured with a hint of ealichi/adrak or maybe an extra spoonful of patti to make it ‘kadak’. Ah-the stuff of our dreams! Indore is known for its love of food and the love of chai is no different. Fursat Chai Cafe in Bhanwarkuan, Indore is the perfect spot for foodies and chai lovers and we would recommend going to the place especially for their ‘Tandoori Chai’.

Tandoori Chai in Indore!

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I’m sure you’ve seen those viral ‘tandoori chai’ videos and wondered when and where you could find the same in Indore. Now welcome Fursat Chai Cafe, Indore’s first tea cafe to serve tandoori chai.

What is tandoori chai you ask?

A tandoori chai is made after the earthen kullhads are baked in the tandoor (oven), where they get all hot and bothered. After they get all baky-baky, a beautiful blend of freshly made tea is poured right over them. This makes sure that all the flavours and the aroma from this clay cup is infused in the tea. Yes all the hype is real and the tea really is good.

The Vibe

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The cafe, has a very chill vibe to it. The interiors though simple are quite pleasing and comfortable. The Bamboo work on the ceiling and all the wooden furniture gives the cafe a rustic farmhouse kinda vibe and we are all for it. The simplicity and the casual air of the cafe makes it even more of a fun place to chill with friends. Fursat Chai Cafe is the ideal after college/school place to hangout or grab a yummy bite.

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Speaking of yummy things, the food at Fursat Chai Cafe is ideal to pair with a hot cup of tea. Think desi sandwiches, aloo masala and pudina chutney, warm toasted bread with a splash of green chutney, spicy paneer makhani, and a ton of cheese. Our messy sandwich dreams come true!

They also have an variety of parathas, again everything that you can easily pair with a cup of tea. The best part? Everything here is extremely affordable. So if you’re looking for a place to chill that wouldn’t empty your bank vaults, Fursat Chai Cafe is the place to be at.

Kabhi Fursat mein aaiye.

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