Khajrana Bypass to Robot square in Indore to get direct connectivity: IMC

Khajrana Bypass to Robot square in Indore to get direct connectivity: IMC

The new road will provide direct connectivity between Khajrana bypass & Robot square

In a bid to ease traffic conditions, the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) will construct a new road from Robot Square to Khajrana Bypass. The construction of this direct road is an attempt to provide better connectivity to the commuter, saving time and distance by bypassing Khajrana Ganesh Mandir, Dargah and Madrassa. According to IMC officials, the road will be 40 metres wide and 3 km long and will be constructed at an estimated cost of ₹50 crores.

Survey to observe traffic movement

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As per the officials, a survey to observe the traffic movement, commuters’ convenience and other possible uses of the proposed road will be conducted by the appointed officials. It is expected that completion of the survey will take a few months, post which tenders will be invited to carry out the construction.

In an attempt to ease out the construction plan for the road, the IMC commissioner has divided the work for the construction. The existing route is filled with encroachments, resulting in bottlenecks at various points. Officials from the Town & Country Planning (T&CP) Department will carry out demarcation for the newly planned road.

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