Roads in Indore set for a major overhaul

Roads in Indore set for a major overhaul

Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has decided to upgrade all the major roads in the city. Under the smart city and traffic improvement plan, IMC has decided to paint zebra crossings on all major junctions, roads and speed breakers. They have also decided to erect road signs and establish cat eyes in the entire city.

What’s the update?

To make travelling easier and smoother for people, IMC has decided to bring a major overhaul for the roads in Indore. The project also includes improvement of existing roads, signs and installations of cat’s eye reflectors along the highway roads or where ever is required.

The Facts

The project will jointly be developed by the IMC and city’s traffic police. The entire project is expected to cost something around ₹38 crore. It will also include construction of speed breakers according to the traffic police, the removal of unnecessary speed breakers and maintenance work along all the major roads in the city.

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Cat’s eye representation along a road

When will it complete?

The project is quite an ambitious and an enormous undertaking, but an Indore Smart City Development Limited official was reported saying that the entire project is expected to be completed within an year.

Why is important?

The improvements will not only benefit the traffic flow of the city but will also provide much needed relief to the travellers. These improvements will also make sure that a number of accidents are prevented in the city.

The zebra crossings will especially make commute easier for the pedestrians who often are subjected to unsafe traffic conditions.

Knock Knock

These improvements are much needed and make sure that the traffic flows much smoothly, while the roads are also made pedestrians friendly. Let’s hope that the civic authority completes the project soon and the roads in the city see better days. Making life easier for travelers as well as the authorities.

News Source: TOI

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