‘Stanza Living’ brings student friendly accommodations to Indore

‘Stanza Living’ brings student friendly accommodations to Indore

Finding a house and settling into a completely unfamiliar city is something that most young adults have to go through. The struggle to find a livable space within a budget and making it even the tiniest bit homely is excessively challenging. We have to think about the kind of accomodation, arrange for basic life amenities such as food, laundry, housekeeping and what not. It takes a definite toll on our mental well being and distracts us from our real goal “studying”.

If you’re someone who has just moved to or is planning to move to Indore, we have good news for you. The salvation for every student who lives away from home, Stanza Living is finally in Indore.

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Providing students all around the world with elegant and affordable living solutions along with amazing basic amenities such as a modern fully furnished room, food, laundry, cleaning, unlimited wifi, tech-enabled security and a resident app to help solve every issue you have.

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The student housing company started its operations in Indore on Friday and said that it has begun operations in Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Indore, Pune, Baroda and Dehradun.

So far the company only had operations in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru and Jaipur.

"With this, the company has reached a national inventory of 22,000 beds across ten cities, growing more than 150 times in 24 months. The company has also clocked ₹20 crore revenue in FY18-19," the company said in a statement.

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"The company operates a full-stack model, ensuring end-to-end management of all student residences under its operations. Focused on smart-living, the company also provides students the Stanza Resident App, which has been designed to get a pulse of student needs, provide a responsive feedback management system and enable overall ease of communication."

The housing company has only begun operations in Indore and has already come up with two different accommodations, the all boys ‘Sacramento House’ in Vijay Nagar and a co-ed ‘Tunis House’ in Rau.

All you have to do is go the official Stanza Living website, click on the Indore section and browse away your way to the perfect living space.

Go checkout their website: https://www.stanzaliving.com/

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