‘The Monroe’ in Indore is the perfect vegetarian only hangout for the month of Shraavana

‘The Monroe’ in Indore is the perfect vegetarian only hangout for the month of Shraavana

The month of Shraavana is here and if your mother’s obsessive pooja hasn’t instilled it into you that “Saavan mein non-veg nahin khana hai”, well you’re lucky. For those of us who do avoid non-vegetarian food and are looking for a good vegetarian friendly place where their will power is not put to test, we have the perfect place for you.

The Monroe Cafe in New Palasia, Indore, is a rooftop cafe and restaurant in the city that has received much attention. The cafe is Madhya Pradesh’s first IOT, an IIT Operated Cafe, where calling the servers, asking for the bill or another drink can be done by a buzzer kept on the table. The concept is that it would send the servers directly to you without having to wait for them if they’re inside the kitchen or busy serving someone else. It would also cut all the yelling, “shhh shh”, “bhaiya” and “excuse me”s that we use to beckon the servers.

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The cafe is quite beautiful in its design, the overall flow and we love the small sections made in the gazebo style. The small sections allow people to have a tiny bit of privacy while sharing the common space. We absolutely love the rooftop area, the open design and the simple decor with plants makes the place all the more breathable. We have to say, there’s something undeniably magical and romantic in watching the rain drizzle from our seats.

The decor here is simple yet pleasant an it is a perfect spot for dates, evening teas and dinners.

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Coming to the food, the restaurant serves mainly vegetarian food which is quite flavourful and a total saviour for the month of Shraavan. Since they do not have any non-vegetarian options in the menu, the temptation to order something is taken away.

We would recommend trying the red Thai curry paneer tikka, the bhatti ka paneer, goat cheese tikki, mushroom pierogi, the Bombay masala sandwich and the four cheese quatro formaggio sandwich for starters and appetizers. We would also recommend trying the pizzas here, the classic margarita is pretty well done, but we prefer the mushroom feta and rocket pizza.

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You should also try the penne in mushroom alfredo, the meaty umami mushrooms and the creamy cheesy sauce make for a delicious symphony of flavours. If you’re someone who’s fond of Chinese food, do try the fusion triple fried rice, noodles and gravy combo, the potato chilli and the fried wonton curry. They also do a ton of Indian dishes and from the great selection, we prefer the kebab platter, lababdar-e-paneer, the Kashmiri dum aloo and the kaju curry.

So if you’re looking for a chill hangout place where you can chomp on delicious vegetarian food and enjoy the chill vibe, The Monroe Cafe in Indore should be your spot.

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