This 35 yr old Indore resident fashions sparrows out of cutlery to save the bird

This 35 yr old Indore resident fashions sparrows out of cutlery to save the bird

Humans are dangerous. We have exploited and used up the natural resources, we have polluted the environment and have left the flora and fauna in a dilapidated state. Yet, there are some amongst us who are trying hard to save the environment and are making active efforts for the same.

Wajid Khan, an Indori artist is known for his tremendous sculpting, portrait and art pieces which he fashions out of broken automobile parts, spoons, forks, anything and everything, is one such person.

The artist who has created many masterpieces from automobile parts, wires and even bullets, has now fashioned tiny sparrows out of steel cutlery to aid in saving the bird from extinction.

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The steel birds are nailed on trees with a message.

A card attached to one of the sparrows even reads, ‘dhyan se panchiyon ko dete ho dana-pani, itne acchhe ho, toh pinjre se riha kardo na’ which when translated means, “if you are so good that you give your birds seeds and water religiously, why don’t you free them from their cage.”

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The effort though small, is still laudworthy and is something that we can all learn from.

The artist has also created a huge portrait of Mahatma Gandhi made entirely out of bullets and a sculpture of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel fashioned out of automobile parts. Wajid Khan is an artist who knows no barriers and his pieces are styled and fashioned from a plethora of materials, never shying to surprise us.

Check out his amazing creations here:

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