This Dhanteras, shop till you drop at Sarafa Festival in Indore!

This Dhanteras, shop till you drop at Sarafa Festival in Indore!

Indore is famous for its quirky secrets hidden deep in the city. One such gem of a place in Central Indore is the Sarafa Market. During the day, it is a one stop shop for your gold shopping for Dhanteras and by sunset, a sight to behold as the market transforms into a hot spot for food vendors setting up their huge kadhais and makeshift food stalls. This peculiarity of the jewellery market by the day and food street by the evening makes it a shopper’s stop and a foodies paradise.

This festive season, Sarafa street is all set to be host to the annual Sarafa Festival which is sure to have some great offers on jewellery and food, making for a wholesome Dhanteras evening.

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This eccentric concept developed about 100 years ago by jewellers to attract a larger clientele, encouraged street food vendors to set up shop near their stores. Currently, it is the only remaining market in India that follows this pattern.

The variety of dishes here are a foodie’s dream come true. Apart from the classic Indori snacks, the festival will host a plethora of other fascinating dishes such as- Bhutte ka Kees, Ratalu and Poha Jalebi. For the sweet tooth, there are Malpuas, Rabdis, Kulfis and Jalebas to name a few. The old and famous outlets here that should not be missed during the festival are Joshi Ke Dahi Bade (since 1977 ) and Rajhans Ka Daal Bafla which specializes in the colloquial daal baati, a famous dish in all of Madhya Pradesh.

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If you’re looking for a weekend shop stop for Dhanteras and a bite to eat after, Sarafa Market is the place to visit. With its exciting metamorphosis, the market will leave you spellbound.

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