Udan Khatola in Indore is here to satisfy all your hunger cravings

Udan Khatola in Indore is here to satisfy all your hunger cravings

Are you one of those peeps who watches those Insta food posts, drools over the cheesy fries and saucy pizzas? If you are, then you are heading the right path because this article is going to introduce you to Udan khatola in Indore, the place that will help you satisfy your cheese cravings.

Udan Khatola is this small cozy place nestled away in Vijay Nagar. They have a beautiful cabana seating arrangement and also personalise the cabanas for private parties on different themes. The most surprising element that will give you a different experience every time you come here, is a new theme! Udan Khatola changes the theme of the cafe every month, so it is always a new feeling whenever you visit this place!

Udan Khatola’s menu offers an amazing variety for all the vegetarians out there! From brews, baked samosas, cheesy fries, lip smacking vada pavs, saucy pizzas, creamy shakes to the classic desserts, there is a wide range of options to chose from. The bonus here is their unbelievable offers, like- every 4th bill being *free* or you can answer the movie quizzes on their Facebook page and win a *FREE* burger or cold coffee.

You have to try out their Kulcha crust pizza and bewafa thin wheat crust pizza, for a totally new experience.

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Udan Khatola serves you this huge and extremely filling burger, it even has its own challenge called the ’12 ki dher burger challenge’. While, Pizzas and burgers are done deals you can not miss the Firangi Vadapava at Udan Khatola because its deep fried smashed potato patty includes a spicy Indian paste, dipped in cheese and put in those squashy buns giving a typical mumbaikar vada-pav, a makeover in the Indori style.

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The wonderful part about Udan Khatola is that they don't use frozen, ready-made patties for their burgers, instead they make their own *grilled* patties. The pizza fries are one of the best fries in town with cheese overflowing and bursting in your mouth.

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This leaves us with their signature addha killo shakes, the huge shakes here are a must try.

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So, now that you know what to order, continue your run to Udan Khatola and satisfy your cheese cravings.

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