Visit the Gramin Haat Bazaar in Indore for your next shopping spree

Visit the Gramin Haat Bazaar in Indore for your next shopping spree

When you think of Indore, images of the food, the blooming cotton industry and the intricate glass bangles begin to float in one's mind. These are just a few things Indore is popular for. In fact, people flock in from various parts of India to catch a whiff of everything that Indore is known for- historically and artistically. A place that is the culmination of it all happens to be the Gramin Haat Bazaar, which is something of an oasis of shops filled with Indore's bustling handicraft industry.

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Something for everyone!

Though the market is quite frequented by Indoris, it is still one of the lesser known spots in Indore. This market has been designed with the age-old idea of communal harmony, when everyone visited one common market, not just for shopping, but for gathering around and getting in touch with the rest of the community.

Now, the place is host to many small artisans, who are carrying on the old traditions and pushing their craft into our daily lives. Here, one can find handicrafts from all over Madhya Pradesh. With over 50 different vendors and artisans, shoppers have plenty of options to choose from.

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If you're looking for gifts, house decorations, clothing or even footwear, you can find it all here at reasonable prices. The variety is enough to make even the most die-hard shoppers' head spin. What's neat is that everything here is handcrafted, so you know what you're getting is top notch.

Apart from just giving you loads of options to choose from, Indore Gramin Haat also encourages more local artists and artisans to showcase their skills. In case of some sort of an exhibition, the authorities also lend out stalls so that artisans get as much exposure as possible. In case a vendor is unable to pay the rent, they are given waivers for the time of the exhibition.

Knock Knock

If you guys were looking for a unique shopping spree but were out of options, then the Gramin Haat Bazaar at Indore should come as a saviour. For residents of Indore and tourists alike, the market place is a must visit.

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