Indore civic body launched the drive to rescue child beggars from the streets

Indore civic body launched the drive to rescue child beggars from the streets

So far, 13 children rescued from the streets of Indore on day 1 of the drive

Children forced to beg on the streets is one of the biggest social evil of India. In an attempt to address the same, IMC has taken on the task of rescuing such children and providing them shelter. The initiative is being carried out with the help of the Adinath Welfare and Education Society. Under the initiative, the rescued child beggars will be taken to IMC’s rehabilitation centre after which they will be given clean clothes, toys, and fresh food to eat.

Rescuing lives

Members from the welfare society hit several locations in the city to rescue children from begging. These locations included many busy intersections like Bhawarkuan Square, Vijay Nagar Square, Mhow Naka Square, White Church Square, Rasoma Square, MY Hospital Square, Patel Statue, Gwaltoli, Sarwate Bus Stand, etc. A total of 13 children, some as young as a few months were taken to the rehabilitation centre from these locations on the first day of the drive.

Once these children are rescued, the police will try and document as much information about them as possible. All of this information will be considered a database with details like the names of the children’s parents, places they live, line of work, etc.

Improving quality of life

Authorities have taken numerous measures over the last few years to make the city beggar free. Time and again, beggars found in Indore are put into rehabilitation centres to improve their quality of life. They are being provided with numerous resources like education and skill training programmes so that they can become independent and better their standard of living.

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